Written by David Whalen

Colored by Chris McAuley

Edited by Patrick Daniel

Slipping through the timestream, Will, Sara and Vince are thrust into the turmoil of the American Civil War, landing on a cotton plantation in the deep south where women are victimized, soldiers are often unkempt & unruly and black slaves are regarded as less than human. Surrounded by the Confederate Army, without their powers and running north through the Underground Railroad the trio must find their lost friend Megan, while keeping themselves out of the grasp of the maniacal General Nathanel Odyssey and their necks out of the hangman’s noose.


New from Correct Handed Comics is the action adventure book: "THE OFFSPRING." Follow the story of three young adults, whose lives up to this point have not exactly been perfection. Abused, discarded, and forgotten, Sara, Vince and Will must fight off the forces of evil on a daily basis. Issues 1 through 14 by artist and writer David Whalen is available NOW 

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issues 1-14  and Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of  THE OFFSPRING.


One teacher, eleven fourth graders, and a terrifying alien invasion. Trapped in the snowy woods after escaping an alien attack on their school, an art teacher and her students must fight for their lives and race to safety. But, does an art teacher have the tools to defeat a hoard of encroaching extra terrestrials?

Current & Future Graphic Novels starring "The Offspring" from CHC

Volume One Available NOW 

1st printing and  2nd printing with  a variant cover.

VOLUME TWO Collecting issues 5-10

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Finally coming face to face with the god-like schemers "The In Us All" Will, Vince and Sara are told the true origins of the magical mental connection that they share, their fantastical abilities and the secrets of a missing loved one forgotten through time. Using this new information, can Will, Vince and Sara fight their way home, find their lost friend, and come to terms with their new roll in the universe?