Written by David Whalen

Colored by Chris McAuley

Edited by Patrick Daniel

Still trapped in the American Civil War, Vince, who has yet to shake his persona as a lieutenant in the Confederate Army, has captured Will, Sara and the small group of slaves who tried to move north on the Underground Railroad, returning them to the cotton plantation known as Dreamscape to once again be kept in chains. After a search party finds even more runaways, the malicious General Odyssey falls in lust with one of the new fugitives. Will and Sara recognize this new beauty as their lost friend Megan, who, seemingly has no memory of their relationship. Sara and Will must now find a way to reconnect with Megan and Vince and escape the madness of the Confederate Army and the General who seems to have gained an interest in a mystical force that will grant him the power and control he desperately wants to obtain.


New from Correct Handed Comics is the action adventure book: "THE OFFSPRING." Follow the story of three young adults, whose lives up to this point have not exactly been perfection. Abused, discarded, and forgotten, Sara, Vince and Will must fight off the forces of evil on a daily basis. Issues 1 through 14 by artist and writer David Whalen is available NOW 

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issues 1-14  and Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of  THE OFFSPRING.



One young woman learns the lesson of heartbreak the hard way after being dumped the night of the big dance and her grief calls a menacing object connecting her to an ancient power that her ancestors could not control. As the Homecoming dance grows near and the body count rises, a cursed family heirloom returns to punish the deception and misery of a generation of women. What will it take to end the plague of an ancient mask and release the wearer that hides behind the hurt and rage of a lifetime of suffering?

The Sock Hop Killer is our homage to the Slasher Horror Genre of the 80’s.

Current & Future Graphic Novels starring "The Offspring" from CHC

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VOLUME TWO Collecting issues 5-10

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Finally coming face to face with the god-like schemers "The In Us All" Will, Vince and Sara are told the true origins of the magical mental connection that they share, their fantastical abilities and the secrets of a missing loved one forgotten through time. Using this new information, can Will, Vince and Sara fight their way home, find their lost friend, and come to terms with their new roll in the universe?