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Welcome to the flagship title for Correct Handed Comics. This exciting title is full of great characters, great action, and plots that will twist and turn you into a world worth reading. THE OFFSPRING is written and illustrated by David Whalen

The Offspring #1 CoverB - Lettered.jpg

The Offspring: Issue One

When three friends are reunited after years apart, they realize their hometown is not the quiet burgh they once knew. Will, Vince and Sara must use their newfound abilities to rescue the children of their town from a man who will do anything to become immortal.


The Offspring: Issue Ten

After Sara, Vince and Will are accused of being living incarnations of pure evil because of their abilities, the town attempts to purge themselves of these malicious malcontents. Their powers weakened from putting out the church fire the trio find themselves burning in a flaming pyre of their own.

The Offspring #2 Cover - Lettered.jpg

The Offspring: Issue Two

Continuing the search for the missing children, Sara, Will and Vince are unaware that the blood thirsty cult has begun their ritual sacrifice. The three friends must save the children before sundown, while keeping their own demons in check.


The Offspring: Issue Eleven

After given more time to learn how to better control their strange powers and their pain driven emotions, Sara, Will and Vince are confronted with a mysterious forgotten friend from the past that sends them on a path to understanding not only the origins of their amazing abilities but to the cosmic beginnings of the universe itself.

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The OffspringCover#3-Lettered.jpg

The Offspring: Issue Three

As Sara, Vince and Will get closer to finding the missing children, dark forces block them at every step. Can the trio work together to find the children or will our hero's be their own worst enemy and run head first into disaster?


The Offspring: Issue Twelve

After being whisked away to the mysterious land of The Leeway and meeting their god-like tormentors "The in us all" Will, Sara and Vince now come face to face with augmented enemies from the past. With fear, hatred, and power ready to destroy them, the trio get help from an unlikely source and a old friend is rediscovered.
The OffspringCover#4-Lettered.jpg

The Offspring: Issue Four

While Vince, Sara and Will frantically race to the location of the missing children, the ritual to summon a powerful demon has begun. With gods working against them can our kids save the children from certain death and stop demons from giving its worshipers the power to enslave all mankind.


The Offspring: Issue Five

When the new troubled student Kaleb goes missing, Will, Vince and Sara must race to find him. The question is are they trying to save Kaleb from himself or protect others from the violence within him?


The Offspring: Issue Thirteen

After being whisked away to the mysterious land of The Leeway and meeting their god-like tormentors "The in us all" Will, Sara and Vince now come face to face with augmented enemies from the past. With fear, hatred, and power ready to destroy them, the trio get help from an unlikely source and a old friend is rediscovered.


The Offspring: Issue Fourteen

Slipping through the timestream, Will, Sara and Vince are thrust into the turmoil of the American Civil War, landing on a cotton plantation in the deep south where women are victimized, soldiers are often unkempt & unruly and black slaves are regarded as less than human. Surrounded by the Confederate Army, without their powers and running north through the Underground Railroad the trio must find their lost friend Megan.


The Offspring: Issue Six

When the new troubled student Kaleb goes missing, Will, Vince and Sara must race to find him. The question is are they trying to save Kaleb from himself or protect others from the violence within him?



The Offspring: Issue Fifteen

Trapped in the the 1800's, Vince, has captured Will, Sara and the group of slaves who tried to move north on the Underground Railroad, returning them to the plantation to once again be kept in chains. After a search party finds even more runaways, the malicious General Odyssey falls in lust with one of the new fugitives. Will and Sara recognize this beauty as their lost friend Megan, who, seemingly has no memory of their relationship. 


The Offspring: Issue Seven

 While Will starts to lose his grip on reality with sleepless nights, mysterious voices and a lack of money, Will is given the opportunity to earn enough money to solve all his problems. The only issue, the opportunity includes getting repeatedly punched in the face by a monster three times his size. 

The Offspring: Issue Eight

 When given the opportunity to make money to keep the alternative school open, Will  enters an illegal underground fight. Will soonl realizes he may be in over his head and struggles to find a way out of a situation that could ultimately end in his death.

The Offspring: Issue Nine

 Sara and Vince, along with their friend Will, continue to volunteer at The Blake Alternative School while reaching out to the community in an attempt to erase the stigma of past drugs and violence that continues to haunt them. After an absent-minded use of her Sara, Vince and Will's road to redemption gets even longer when a high-ranking church leader accuses Sara and her friends of witchcraft.



The Offspring Issue Sixteen

Captured by an insane Confederate General and an evil, manipulative omniscient god like being, Will, Sara and Vince struggle to free their long lost friend Megan from bondage and return to the present.



The Offspring Issue Seventeen

While traveling across country in search of their kidnapped friend, Sara, Vince, and Will are pulled over by a peculiar small-town sheriff and a buxom, bubbly blonde who seems to want to help them blow off some built-up steam with the local teens. But when this mysterious vixen lures Sara away from Vince and Will to an ominous site in the woods, the good times get soiled when she becomes trapped by The Devils Tree.


The Offspring Issue Eighteen

Trapped and alone in the Devils Tree, Sara must fight off a crazy sheriff, a blonde bombshell and an entire town ready to feed her to grotesque monsters for their own selfish gain. While Sara struggles for her life, Will and Vince are enamored by their amazing, attentive and hospitable new friends on the lake, not realizing Sara has been lured away into the darkness of the forest.



The Offspring Issue Nineteen

Continuing their journey to find their long-lost friend, Megan, Vince, starting to feel the tension of the highway and spending too much time thinking about problematic behaviors of the past, convince Will and Sara to detour into an amusement park to blow off some steam. While enjoying the new adventure, Vince's gluttonous ways are on full display until he locks eyes with a beautiful girl who lures him away from the crowd and into possible danger.



The Offspring: Issue Twenty

Continuing across America to save their lost friend Megan from the evil grip of The Eternity Man, Sara, Vince and Will try to relieve the strain of the road by sneaking into a lakeside amusement park. While blowing off steam Vince gets separated from his friends and seduced by the siren call of a mysterious beautiful woman. Lured lakeside, Vince becomes submerged in the water and face to face with an alluring, ravishing, real life mermaid. But are her intentions friendly or fearsome?



The Offspring: Issue Twenty-One

Driving through the desert, Will, Vince, and Sara continue to struggle to reach California. Surrounded by relentless sand and sun, Will is abruptly confronted by an elderly native american man pointing them in the direction of a tiny abandoned town that has been wrecked by time and hardships. Suddenly attacked by an aggrieved woman who has the power to summon incredible creatures, our heroes must fight off giant monsters while attempting to figure out the secrets being kept from them by the old man and his naive grandson.


The Offspring: Issue Twenty-Two

Lured to a derelict village in the middle of the desert and callously turned into a totem pole, Will, Vince, and Sara are trapped and held under the control of an angry old woman and the enormous monsters she is able to summon. Their only chance of escape is the elderly man that put them in this situation, and his grandson, who seem to have magical powers, and secrets of their own. With the lives of the villagers at risk, can our trio break free from the cage of the totem, and stop the giant monster and  old woman who controls it from destroying everything in its path?


The Offspring: Issue Twenty-Three

Traumatized by the accidental death of her family and convinced she was the cause, Megan runs. Thinking only pain can be brought by her presence, Megan runs. Even after meeting Will, Sara, and Vince in the Blake Alternative School and the realization of their shared pasts and abilities, Megan runs. Motivated by the fear that her new found powers can only bring destruction, will Megan ever stop running?


The Offspring: Issue Twenty-Four

Part 2 of our 3 part “Lightning Crashes” storyline. Following a confrontation in her soup kitchen protecting a homeless woman from her abusive boyfriend, Megan is taken to the hospital by paramedics to check for injuries. While there, she is confronted by a smiling doctor named Odyssey telling her he has the prescription to heal her lightning emitting condition. While strapped to the table Megan realizes this doctor is not concerned with healing but stealing. Pulled by malicious forces Dr. Odyssey has created a machine that allows him to scam his way through the timestream. But there is a darker enterprise in the works, and it starts with collecting human blood.



The Offspring: Issue Twenty-Five

The epic conclusion of the 3 part "Lightning Crashes" storyline finds the long lost Megan, physically and emotionally drained after being lured by the maniacal Doctor Odyssey with the intent of using her special electrical abilities to power a time machine in his scheme to plunder, pillage, and kill his way through the ages. As Will, Vince, and Sara race to the rescue, Megan can only hope to keep her sanity as she attempts to fight back, not knowing if help will ever come to release her from her terrifying prison.

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